Freezer Beef

We offer a farm Bred, Born and Raised animal feed with home raised feeds. From birth they are grown on mothers’ milk, pasture and a creep feed mix until weaning. After weaning we feed an ingredient tested high roughage forage based growing diet. Final finishing is obtained with a TMR ration top dressed with ground corn and distiller’s grain. The only purchased feed inputs are distillers’ grain, and mineral mix. These are yearling’s and will be harvested at less than 24 months of age for top tenderness and flavor. We believe properly feeding a genetically superior animal with quality feeds will yield a high-quality eating experience. Our pricing intent is to offer all cuts a good quality hamburger price per pound.

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Q: What is the average take home weight from a freezer beef?
A: For a 1400 steer we would expect approximately 570 lbs. of take home. This will vary depending on final cuts and processing but is considered a good estimate.

Q: How much freezer space will I need?
A: General rule is 35 to 40 pounds per cubic foot of freezer space.

Q: We do not need a whole beef. Can we purchase a ½ or ¼ beef?
A: Yes. We will sell ½’s and ¼’s.

Questions you can expect from the butcher before processing:

How many steaks per package?
Thickness of steaks?
Package size of ground beef, 1, 2 or 3 lbs.? Or do you want made into patties? (Can be extra cost)
Roast or steaks from the round?

Possible additional cuts:
Flank steak, Skirt Steak, Short Ribs, Soup Bones, Stew meat cubes, Liver, Heart, Tongue

For additional info see this link “beginners guide to freezer beef processing”

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Satisfied freezer beef customer